Project Development

Interior Architecture

- Developing the project concept and designing the floor plans and house types in order to meet the expectations of potential clients,
- Optimisation of finishing materials to be used by the employer & designer.


- During the creation of the commercial and legal infrastructure with the employer lawyers;

- Preparation of sales agreements,
- Preparation of technical specifications,
- Supervising the preparation of the management plan,
- Planning the aftersales process,

Pre-sales Issues

- Setting the sales prices and the betterment,
- Submission of periodic price increases reports,
- Preparation of alternative payment plans,
- Determination of sales phases

Sales Consultancy Issues

- Recruiting and managing the sales department,
- Supervising the required work for the recruitment of sales team (in case of need, directing the coordination of resources to be used such as newspaper ads, HR companies etc.),
- Training the sales team and ensuring the adaptation to project concept,
- Preparing the sales reports format and the convenient CRM system,
- Preparation of the presentation outline,
- Determination of sales office functions, directing the office design,
- Setting the presentation outline and training sales team in this regard, updating the presentation according to developments in the project,
- Periodic monitoring of sales team,
- Analysis of sales trends and results,
- Updating of the price lists according to sales flow,
- Informing the developer about sales process periodically,
- Proposing tactical changes relating to required speed or need,
- Re-training of the sales team as needed and providing orientation,